Saturday, December 4, 2021

December is Here (Just in Case You Didn't Know)


From our house to yours.  : )

I just wanted to pop in for a bit and say "hello" to all of you.  It seems like, since Thanksgiving, it has been non-stop decorating, shopping, and wrapping gifts!  Which IS a good thing.  Usually I don't get this much done so early so it's been a pleasant go of it.  I can actually say that I'm done.  I think I have mentioned this in past Christmas posts but when purchasing gifts and other Christmas items, I get to a point where I just feel (know) that enough is enough.  That I need to stop and now enjoy.  It happens all the time and I'm very grateful for that.  And, early in the week, I got that feeling.  Now I can just keep up with the daily housekeeping and get into the kitchen for the holiday baking.  

I always have to bake sugar cookie cutouts - I can't imagine Christmas without all those stars, bells, trees, Santas............  I don't make gingerbread men but I do bake Molasses cookies - they make the house smell SO good.  In the good ole days, we used to go and look at the Christmas display in a department store downtown and at the end, they would always bake Molasses cookies and people couldn't help but purchase them because they smelled wonderful and made it feel like Christmas.  So, I try to emulate that in our home too.  It's what I have in the oven when anyone comes over - nothing like it and they taste amazing.  : )  I make my mother-in-law's candy too - it's quite time consuming but it reminds us of her and how she used to make a big batch so that all of us had a tin to take home.  My husband does his Chex Mix throughout the month - some for us, but mostly for giving.  I've read that husbands almost always feel out of place at Christmas because the wife does most of the getting the house ready for Christmas so whenever a wife can find something meaningful for him to do it means a lot.  Around here, my husband is in charge of the outdoor decorations and his Chex Mix!!!!  : )

I'm looking through a lot of my Christmas recipe books and want to try some new recipes this month.  I treated myself to a new cookbook yesterday and the recipes sound great and they are do-able.  You know how you have a cookbook and it has all those recipes that you just know you won't even get around to?  I used to have those and gave them away.  I know myself - if it's too complicated, I won't go there.  But these actually sound great so I'm hoping I will be able to try a few.  : )

When we were taking the boxes down last weekend, I couldn't wait to get to the box with the books!  I am beginning to read all the Christmas books that I love.  There is something about sitting down with a good Christmas read, a cup of hot something, in a rocking chair...........such a calming affect.

I also wanted to remind you of my "Christmas by the Book" series I wrote last December if you want to go and check that out.  I, myself, re-read it and was reminded of how important it is to keep Christmas simple and beautiful and meaningful and cozy.  It reminded me that I don't have to do it all - if something doesn't get done or baked, it's going to be okay.  It reminded me that this is about the Lord Jesus and how thankful we are for God's plan of salvation through Him.  It's about loving others.  

That's it!  Just quickly dropping in and hoping that through December I will drop in on a weekly basis to see how you are doing and letting you know what's going on at this end!  : )  Before I let you go, I'll share a few more simple decorating photos (nothing amazing, just us):

the reason for the season - my mother-in-law gave this to us a long time ago and we cherish it


by the front door

just a small little scene

to say I love snowmen is a total understatement  - SO cute!

on the coffee table

I won't bore you with any more!!!  LOL  

I hope to be with you again next week.  God bless your day and upcoming weekend.  Thank you for stopping by.  



  1. Hi Mary~

    I love your thoughts today...they are just what I needed to hear. Christmas does not need to be complicated, it should be simple and meaningful, after all, it is all about the Savior and His simple but unconditional love for us.

    Your home looks so comfortable and warm! I love doilies and have the same star doily in my front entry! Your Nativity is beautiful as well and such a wonderful way to remember your mother-in-law. But I just love your little winter scene with the trees and the little house, with the winter scene behind it. How perfectly it just all comes together for the perfect little Christmas village!

    I love baking at Christmas too...especially anything ginger. Christmas food to me is all about simplicity and comfort, I don't want to make anything to difficult. I usually turn to my tried and true, passed down for ages recipes. But, I do think it is fun to try a new recipe once in a while.

    I haven't really put any gifts together yet, I am so behind! It will all come always does ;0)

    I will go back and check out your, "Christmas by the Book" series, it sounds like something I would love!

    Thank you for your comment on my last post, Mary. God is always watching over us, we are never without hope!


    1. Hi Barb! Thanks so much for your comment - you are right, every year when we feel like we're behind, it all works out!!! I think the hurried feeling is sometimes self-imposed (for me anyway!). That's funny that you have the same doily! I love doilies too - kind of an old-fashioned touch. : )

      Every time I read comments, I always wish we could all get together and share some coffee/tea and chat in person. But this will have to do. : ) Have a wonderful day ahead and I pray that every day you will begin to feel better.
      God bless.

  2. Love your pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them. I love to picture how you live. I'm a doily person, too! Some my great aunt made and some I bought in thrift stores. I love your parade of snowmen. I've only got one more gift to buy, and will begin wrapping in a week once vacation is here. My men finished the outdoor lights yesterday...not many lights this year, unlike the past four years. I haven't even done cards yet, but I will soon. I have been reading, though! And trying to enjoy each day. Merry Christmas ⛄!

    1. Hello Janine! I'm SO the same way - I love seeing photos from other women's homes to see how they live. I think as bloggers we tend to get comments from the same women and it's like we are all friends after a while so it's fun for me when you all share photos as well. And, yes, the snowmen......our son was home the other day and noticed all of them and had mentioned that the tradition of getting another snowman for Christmas was probably over because of how many I have. I promptly told him that I didn't have ANY for downstairs so it was fine by me if the tradition continued!!!!! I, too, haven't done any cards yet - I'm waiting for the "family photo" we took on Thanksgiving to put in some of the cards I send out. I think I better, at least, begin to address the envelopes!

      So glad you are enjoying the days - there's much to enjoy!!!! Merry Christmas, Janine!!!

      God bless your week ahead.