Saturday, November 7, 2020

This First Saturday in November

A gorgeous picture from the calendar in the computer room - once again, I want to live there!!!  : )

Well, okay, we've lived through a lot this year haven't we?  I keep saying that I would have been just fine not having been a part of a historic year thank you very much.  But here we are.  It keeps on going.  Everything strange or bizarre that happens anymore we just chalk it up to 2020.  Some years with the prospect of a new year coming up we've tended to look forward to it.  After all, a new year means a new beginning.  Starting over.  Starting fresh.  It doesn't feel that way this year.  It feels like we'll take all that we've been through this past year and carry it over into another year.  That can make us weary and sad and frustrated and angry............but we, as Christians, believe that God really IS in control and that He IS Sovereign, and that He IS STILL on His Mighty Throne in Heaven, and that nothing happens in this world without His "okay" - then we have to have the fortitude to hang in there and do what we can to live each day that He has ordained for us.  That is called hope.  We need hope right now.

Even though the election didn't turn out the way a lot of us would have liked, I still believe that God is using this time to get to the bottom of things.  Already there have been lots of cases of voter fraud and how some states have used software that was illegal - things like that - and it needs to be found out and people need to be held accountable.  I'm trusting that God will see to all of that by using the right people at the right time.  But we can't stop praying either.  It's amazing how when we get into a fix we pray, pray, pray.........but we should pray, pray, pray ALL the time!!!!!  Maybe this is another lesson God wants us to learn by all of this.  Maybe we're too fickle about our prayers - pray when it suits US instead of praying ALWAYS.

One thing is that if we have been voted out of being a Democracy, we will have to get ready to be Socialist and what all that means.'s not good.  Reading up on it will show you just how different this country of ours - a land of freedom - will look like.  Are we ready for that?  I don't think so, yet that is what people voted for.  Another lesson from God?  Maybe.  What if He saw that we were using our freedoms, again, to suit US instead of for the good of all.  Were we REALLY all that passionate about the life of the unborn child?  Do we REALLY care about the elderly?  What about caring for the needy while we have it so good?  Did we lift a finger to help?  Are we getting what we deserve?  I know that is harsh, but I really think these are things we have to think about.  Were we part of the solution or part of the problem?  Only each one of us can answer those questions - and I can honestly say that I certainly am not blameless.  

After all of that, life does go on and maybe it doesn't seem fit to talk about anything homemaking, I will:

*I had posted last time that our oven pooped out on us and we couldn't get it fixed until yesterday, but I had purchased several crockpots over the years and they really came in handy this past week.  I really did find out that there are very few things that you cannot make in the crockpot.  Here are things that I prepared with wonderful results -

Baked potatoes
Acorn squash
Beef stew
Chuck roast
Whole chicken
BBQ chicken legs
Chicken broth (made from the whole leftover chicken)

I went through our freezer and took out the above meats to thaw in the fridge throughout the week.  These were meats at the bottom of the freezer that we had purchased in March at the beginning of all the talks of lockdowns.  And, since it was just the oven that needed repair, I still had the stovetop so I was able to cook that way too.  Slow cookers are SO inexpensive now so it's definitely a wise thing to have them on hand.  They can be tucked away in a closet or in the basement when not in use.  

*The weather could not have been better this past week (of course it will change next week!) so a LOT of outdoor work was done.  Raking, pulling up old flowers, saving seeds from some of those old flowers first before tossing them (marigolds, zinnias), redistributing the pumpkins that have made it from the cold and rearranging things on the front porch to last us until Thanksgiving.  My husband is even beginning to put up our Christmas lights so that he won't have to freeze like he does every year.  So today is the big push to get that done before the change of weather begins.

*The old adage - "when it rains, it pours" - was the theme this week.  First it was the oven, now it's the bathroom shower - THAT pooped out on us yesterday morning and it can't be fixed until Monday!  We only have one bathroom so that's why it's a big deal.  It's not like we don't have any water so we all know there are other ways to wash our hair and clean our skin!  I was thinking yesterday that there have been many times in my life that, because I grew up poor and not having much, in a way I'm thankful for it.  It helps me get through times of "not having" such as the oven and the shower (even though not having those two things wasn't the end of the world!!!!).  But it all depends on what you get used to always having and when you don't have them anymore, you feel it.  It really was a reminder that I need to always be grateful for the little things.  

*I think I always knew this about myself but this past week was just a reminder that for me I can't do something for pleasure until my work is done.  There were a couple of times during the week when I went into my sewing/craft area to work on something but I just didn't have any peace about it because I knew that other things needed to get done. first, play later!!!!!!!!!  : )

*When I DID get into my room I worked on:

- This is called a "quilt to give" - it's not a full size quilt, just something to cover up with when sitting around.  I worked all year on crocheting each "quilt" block and then sewed them together.  I took all day last Friday and Saturday to piece and sew it together because I really wanted to get it done before the holidays so that I can give it away.  Even though this took SO much time it really was fun to do and I'm looking forward to working on another one!  I'm also continuing to work on knitting scarves to give as well.  I'm not telling you this to brag about it, I'm telling you so that maybe I can spark an interest in you to think about doing something for others this year for the holidays/winter months.  If you knit, crochet, sew........there are SO many projects to work on and don't we all need some projects that can get our minds off ourselves and onto others?  : )

- I'm starting to work on Thanksgiving cards for the senior center, and for family and friends.  Again, it takes a lot of time, but such a pleasant and creative thing to do.  How can you show your thankfulness this year to those you love and care about?

- I'm beginning to make a few Christmas gifts as well.  I enjoy embroidery so I'm stamping some dish towels to be given as gifts.

It's been so nice with this warm weather to just open the windows and craft away!!!!!!  (AFTER my work though - LOL)  : )

I think that is about it for this post.  That was pretty much my week - outdoor work, cooking with my crockpot, crafting, and always cleaning something.  : )  I do encourage you today to get your work done in your home, cook something really tasty, get creative, think of others.  Enjoy the process of the doing and be grateful.  A little work and gratitude go a LONG way to feeling better.

Thank you SO much for stopping by - I appreciate all of you - and may God bless you.  : )



  1. I don't think you are being harsh - I think you are hitting the nail on the head! YES these things must be talked about, and prayed over daily! It is so easy to get lax in our prayers. To try and do things ourselves. We must ACT, yes, but prayer is before action! I'm thrilled at all the Christian men I see stepping up - one poll challenger in MI who documented all the fraud - I'm sure he will be going before the Supreme Court as well. He mentioned that each night he and his wife pray for God's light of truth to shine amidst all the darkness. So many times lately, during interviews, people are praising the name of Jesus, calling Him our Lord and Savior - people I had no idea were Christians because they can't mention it on short news blips - but with long interviews on YT, you hear it! I find it ridiculous that people actually think Biden won because a news service said so. These people shouldn't even be voting if they think the AP can "call" a state. When these state votes are finally certified, who will they be mad at if Trump wins? Us, and not the people who lied to them (all the MS news media, including democrat-owned FOX News). Anyways, I have a lot of HOPE, first in our Lord, and second in our justice system. If Biden really did win, fine, we will deal with it - but to LIE about it before the vote counts are certified - that is shocking. A Dem friend just called to make sure we are still friends. I assured her that we were, and that I hoped we would still be friends after the recount if Trump is the real winner. I explained that the AP can't call the election. She said she was wondering about how that all worked! Calling it before the recount and legal dates seemed fishy to her, too. She assures me that we will remain friends no matter what happens : )

    My DH just bought an instant-pot. I'm thrilled, because it means he will be cooking more! I used to use my crock-pot a lot, but it heats up the house, and we rarely need that (though today we had a little rain and wind which was a very nice change! I even wore my faux fur hat on my walk!).

    Your lovely quilt looks so warm and snuggly! I just rec'd a sweet, home-made Thanksgiving card from my aunt today. Someone started a card-making class in her neighborhood, and I've been the recipient of many unique cards lately!

    Hugs and enjoy your week!

    1. Yes, we will see what comes about in this election - praying that justice is done and praying to be okay with the outcome as well. What a year!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I'm having our daughter-in-law teach me more about the Instant Pot - they bought one for me last year for Christmas and it intimidates me a bit!

      Thanks SO much for your comments, Janine. It really keeps me motivated. : )

      God bless and enjoy your day. : ) Mary

  2. Dear Mary,
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. What a labour of love in all the hours you spent creating it. Someone will be very fortunate to receive it, that's for sure:-)
    You are right of course, about being in prayer all the time and not just when things are going poorly. It is so important!
    I do believe that there are many on the other side of the political fence who truly do care for the unborn, elderly, etc, and do not wish socialism. I hope they are teaching what that word really means in American schools, as if they did, I am certain it would quickly lose favour!
    I hope that your oven is soon sorted, but you certainly haven't let it stop you from serving lovely meals. I do love my slow cooker too! It's amazing how many things one can make in it.
    With your shower not working, it brings back memories of my time in Italy when our water heater did not work, or the time in the mountains of California when a storm took our electricity for a week in December. I bathed my boys in a soup pot I had heated on our wood stove. Don't these times make us grateful for all the luxuries we do enjoy, indeed!
    That said, I do hope the rest of your week remains uneventful for all the right reasons.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you, Christine!!! : ) Nice to hear from you. And, yes, when things go awry (oven and shower) it really does help in making us more grateful when they begin to work again. They are both in working condition now and am VERY thankful. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences! I always find it interesting that we can look back with a smile at those things but at the time it was difficult. Thank you, again, Christine, and I hope that your week goes well too. Mary