Saturday, April 25, 2020

Let Us Reason Together


I've been trying to piece together this past week on what to say and how to say it with this particular post.  I'm seeing and hearing such a disturbing attitude lately and it concerns me and it leaves me wondering how we can get back to basic reasoning together instead of going off in all kinds of directions with, really, no direction at all!

We've become a society that will not agree to disagree, let it be, and then continue to work together for the good.   We disagree, won't let it go, and then we try as hard as we can to make life difficult for those who do disagree with us!

The hate in people's hearts is VERY scary right now.  Especially hate for the leader of our country.  I keep hearing - "wait till the upcoming election, we'll show HIM what we think" - really?   I don't hear very many people saying - "I'm praying for this President every day" - why is that?  Do we really have so much hate inside of us that we aren't willing to pray for the leader of our country no matter what we personally think?  How far off track have we gotten anyway?

Yes, this IS a difficult time we find ourselves in but we've been in difficult times before.  In 2010, 54 million people died around the world from the outbreak of the flu.  Did the, then, sitting President do anything about that?  If I recollect, it was pretty much business as usual.  54 million people!  I don't remember that anyone cared about hand washing, staying at home, enough face masks - why is that?  Now, all of a sudden, because it's THIS certain President - it's a big deal!

It's SO easy to pick up those stones and throw them at someone we don't like.  Our characters show forth when the going gets tough.  And it's been a huge surprise to me.  I thought Americans were different.  I thought that when the going gets tough we all try to work towards a solution and build each other up (including the President) and encourage each other.  But that's not what I'm seeing anymore.  Again, it all comes down to hate.  And if we don't get that hate under control, who knows what our future as a country is going to look like.   

Pardon my language here, but from the beginning this President has been damned if he does do something, and he's been damned if he doesn't do something.   The real problem here is that there has been a time of having it pretty easy for all of us - ease makes us apathetic, lazy, dependent.  Then when difficulty comes we haven't a clue what to do so we blame, we point fingers, we want someone to take care of us when we should have been taking care of ourselves - planning ahead for such a time as this.  And when they don't come to help as quickly as we think they should, well..........they're just going to have to pay for their lack of quickly responding to my needs!!!  Seriously?

We HAVE got to get back to our roots of this country.  God's mercy has been great so far - let's not push it.  His patience will only last so long.  And if there is no fear of God anymore then heaven help us.  Because if we think THIS is bad................

Here are some ways in which we can pray - NOW!

*Pray that God will set our hearts right - towards Him, towards each other, towards other people (and, yes, that includes the President of the United States) - everything is a heart issue and if our hearts our hardened nothing good will ever come - pray that God will soften our hearts so that the hatred goes away and love replaces it.
*Pray for the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (I don't see much of any of this anymore - that's why we need to pray for it to come back to us!)
*Pray to be protected from evil (Satan) - physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally - there is nothing Satan loves more than for all of us to be at each other's throats - so prayer is the ONLY way to be freed from that!
*Pray to be protected physically - from all disease, illness, viruses, mental illness - pray for healing for those who are already sick.
*Pray for guardian angels for our safety - in the Bible it says that God will give us angels to guard us in all our ways.
*Pray for wisdom and discernment - the Bible also says that "if anyone lacks wisdom, ask God" - there is no way (without God) that we will ever know everything there is to know about any of this - we need HIS help in figuring it out.
*Pray for courage and strength to get through each day as HE would want us to.
*Pray that God would continue to bless us (because He really has you know), and then pray that He will show us how we can be a blessing to others.  

So, PLEASE...........let us all start today to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord instead of grumbling and complaining and cursing and threatening and always being so angry!!!!!!  Because I'm afraid that if we continue in our hate, this great country of ours will come to destruction.  We won't need to be afraid of enemies from outside of this country because we'll implode on our own if we stay on the track we're on.  Let's get back to working together, to honoring the position of the President of these United States and fear God.  This truly is a test for all of us.  Are we going to pass this test or fail?  Be careful lest we fail and get something worse!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mid-Week Already

Another pretty picture from one of my vintage "Victoria" magazines.  : )

I don't know if all of you feel this way, but I'm actually finding the days/weeks/months are going by pretty quickly even through all of this.  I can't believe that next week is actually the month of May already and although we may feel, at times, that the time has been wasted, I don't believe that has been the case.  I guess it all depends on what our definition of "waste" is!

I've said in past posts that this whole thing has gotten to me every now and then - I've had moments of sadness, tears, wonderings, questions, fears................ but I've also had moments of thinking things through, praying more earnestly, getting things done............trying to do what I can.  It's NOT easy, but that is one of the things I've been thinking about lately.  EASE.  I'm not sure what it is within us that thinks we all deserve a life of ease.

If everything was still "okay" today and we knew that everything would remain "okay" from here on out, what change would that bring about?  If we still had our freedom of going anywhere we wanted to today, where would we go?  If we still had the freedom of being with whoever we wanted to be with or however many people we wanted to be with, would we really visit that many more people than we did before?  It's kind of an interesting study.  I would think that we would all go back to the way we were, don't you?  I really think that we need the time we are given right now to stop and think about how differently we're going to live once this is over.  This time doesn't have to be wasted - it can bring great opportunity to re-evaluate and bring about positive change in our lives so that once this IS over our lives will be so much better than they were.  

Well........just a few more homemaker's thoughts.  : )  

Other things that I wrote down:

*I know this is going to seem really bizarre but I encourage you to think about Christmas!  Yes, that is correct - think about Christmas.  How can we use this time right now to make some gifts for our friends and family?  Sometimes simple crafts and gifts are very meaningful and they are a frugal way of letting people know how much we love them.  Maybe we can change our thinking this year by realizing that it's not the amount of gifts we give or the amount of money we spend that's important - but by giving of ourselves.  : )

*If you haven't already, I encourage you to send your pastor(s) a thank you note in this difficult time.  Having to do everything remotely isn't easy and having to bring a message of hope and encouragement to us every week is taking a lot of energy, so just a note in the mail (or other media) would bring such joy to them right now.

I finally got outside the past couple of days to work on a few areas (there is SO much more that needs to be done!) and that ALWAYS feels good.  : )  Just pulling old weeds and cleaning up and re-positioning things and planning ahead - well, it just helps in SO many ways.  : )  Today is supposed to be lovely (70's!) and even though I won't be working in the yard today, I will be doing other things that bring joy.

Yesterday while working outside, my husband went behind the garage to get something and while moving his little utility trailer he noticed the possum that has been living around here for a long time. He was tucked in the corner by our fence and we thought he was dead and we were ready to "get rid of" him but a thought came to my mind - he IS a possum and they DO play dead, so what if that was the case?  We left him alone and this morning we went to check on him again.  He is NOT dead - he had moved to a different position by this morning, so now we don't know what to do.  It's kind of creepy having him back there - I don't like wild animals.  So........not sure about this!  I'll have to do a little research on possums and see if they're okay to have around - I mean he just sleeps all day and comes out at night, but still.......ick.

Lastly, I don't know how you feel about the facemask thing - I'm finding myself feeling two ways:

*when I go into the grocery store (with my own mask on) I don't like seeing people NOT having their masks on, but......
*at the same time, I get sad when I DO see everyone with facemasks on because it just reminds me that everything is not okay yet and it's scary to think that we can contract this virus and what if wearing facemasks is the "new normal"?  I hope not.

That's it for today!  Thanks so much for dropping by for a short visit - I wish we could all sit together and have a cup of tea and just talk homemaking and tell each other what we'll be making for supper tonight and what new cleanser you found for your face, but I guess this will have to do!  : )  Please stay safe and healthy and use this time well.  God bless your day.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Middle of April

Taken from a vintage "Victoria" magazine.  SO pretty.  : )

Well, here we are!  The middle of April.  I'm looking outside and the Juncos are already busy eating under the feeders, it's getting a bit cloudy, our backyard neighbor's doggie is outside enjoying the fresh air (I love how he just sits with his nose up in the air), and the day's to-do list is made.

There isn't a LOT to post about since Wednesday, but the things that I do have written down are pretty much in keeping with how we need to keep taking care of ourselves - body, soul, and mind.

I think, first and foremost, is our spiritual well-being.  To really know that God in heaven is watching over us in times like these is of utmost importance because the reality of all of this can set in and despair can overtake us (been there).  The thing is (and we've experienced this first-hand this past week) is that life goes on with or without the threat of the corona virus.  And, because of that, we need to really know that God is with us through it all.  

Being a woman who loves her routines and schedules and who likes it when all is well, this hasn't been exactly easy for me.  Our routine is totally out the window - getting up later, going to bed later, eating at different times..........but my time with the Lord in the morning hasn't changed and I'm very grateful for that.  I need to read His word, I need to pray, I need to hear from Him.  And THAT is what gets me through.

Next, taking care of our health is vitally important (understatement, I know).  Taking care of our lungs with things like deep breathing exercises to build up the lungs - the breathing in for 5 seconds, holding it for 5 seconds, and then exhaling for 5 seconds is very helpful.  Fresh air at a time like this is very important.  Going for walks, going out in the yard, standing out on your balcony - just getting outside for a while helps a lot in our well-being.  Exercising is also important for the lungs - I must admit that I'm not good at the exercising part of all of this - I can think of SO many other things to do.  But exercise is great for your lungs.  Being cautious of all this cleaning that we're told to do is important.  Think of all the things we're breathing in right now - bleach, anti-bacterial cleansers, may kill germs, but it's not great for our lungs!  I am a big proponent of opening windows in our homes (especially while cleaning).  I've also heard that eating apples is very good for our lungs - so while at the store, pick up some apples!  Maybe the old adage is true - an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  : )

Taking care of our gut (I don't like saying that word - it just doesn't seem very feminine - LOL) is also vitally important.  In our gut is our immune system and we need a healthy immune system to stay fit and fight viruses.  Some things we do is to take a daily probiotic - the ones that have billions of good bacteria in them.  We need that good bacteria to ward off the bad!  We also drink a lot of kefir which, again, includes all that good bacteria.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and also whole grains helps us to stay regular.  And, then, stay hydrated!!  This is another thing that is hard for me.  I'm not a thirsty person so I don't enjoy drinking water - I am trying to get better at this however.

Lastly, our minds.  I know that all of this staying-at-home can take a toll on us.  We are meant to be social people and if we're left alone to our own thinking we can sometimes over think which leads to being depressed and scared.  So keeping our minds active and doing things that require some thought and working with our hands at creating something is also very helpful for our well-being.  Not all of us are artists by nature, but there are crafts and hobbies that we can at least try!  You just never know that, by trying, you will find something within yourself that you never knew you had.  : )

I know I have probably been boring you with all my homeschooling myself talk.  But it has proven to be VERY helpful for me.  On Thursday, I just took the whole day and worked on being creative.  I had my i-Pad next to me (sometimes listening to classical music, sometimes listening to my favorite garden guy) and made three collages.  I love cutting pictures out of magazines and I have them stored in plastic bags - one for words or phrases, one for flowers, one for people, one for miscellaneous, and so on.  So, arranging them, and then re-arranging them on a pretty background was so enjoyable and relaxing.  Here they are:

I mean, I'm not going to win any prizes for them and they could be SO much better, but they're mine!  And it was fun, and it got my mind off things, and I felt so relaxed while doing it.  So, again, I REALLY encourage you in finding SOMETHING creative to do while we all have the time to do it.  And never feel that if you can't achieve perfection you aren't going to do it.  I think we need to get out of that mindset.  Just do it.  : )

The other thing I'm thinking of is Spring planting and getting out in the yard to clean up and make the outdoors look tidy.  It's been so chilly hear lately that I haven't been motivated to do much yet, but some seeds and plants have been ordered and I'm taking lots of notes of what to do and how to do it and planning so I think something like this is part of creativity as well.  Even if you only have a patio, take notice of when the sun is on your patio and research what plants you can grow - don't let lack of space stop you!  We all know that when we have something to take care of (whether that is a pet or plants) it makes us feel good.  So give it a try!!!  Like I've said before - I am not a gardener, but I don't want that to get in the way of trying and I hope you don't either (especially THIS year!).

So...........I think that's all I can come up with today.  I hope it has been of SOME help to you.  We are literally in this together - whether here in the United States or half way around the world.  These three things are very important to us all right now:

*Where is your relationship to Jesus and how can you put Him first in this day?
*Are you taking care of your health as much as you can and how can you begin today?
*What creative activities can you do today to get your mind and hands busy instead of vegging out in front of the television?  (and, please, quit watching the news!)  : )

Let's encourage one another and pray for each other.  Thank you for stopping by - I appreciate all of you!  God bless.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Plugging Along!

If you thought the Good Friday snow was surprising, THIS was our Easter!

I took the above photo in the morning - it got progressively worse as the afternoon went on.  It WAS pretty (I know, bite my tongue) but it wasn't exactly Easter weather.   Now we're in a cold snap so even though a lot of snow is gone, there are remnants of it all around.  The grass is getting greener and the Spring flowers are coming up so it's all okay.  : )

Well, I hope all of you had as good of an Easter as you could.  It was different though, wasn't it?  I think we're all getting pretty good at being creative with all of this and finding ways to make do.  I have to admit that our Easter day "with" our son and daughter-in-law was nice but not the same as them being here in person.  I had to remind myself that MANY people have adult children who live far away from them and hardly ever get to see them, so I keep telling myself that there is much to be thankful for.  We ate "together" via on-line, and talked, and even played Boggle!  So, it was all good.

By the evening, however, and then on Monday I really felt sad - do you have those days?  Or even moments throughout a day?  This whole thing gets to me, I pray for help, I re-write my list of things to get to, and it's better.  I allow myself some grace - not giving into it for very long - but allowing myself to feel what I feel and then move on.  

One thing that I used to complain about is that there is a construction project going on north of here and before all this "stay at home" thing came about, I could hear them driving in piling for the new building and it got on my nerves after listening to it all day.  If you know what driving piling in means, it's a constant beating of getting this piling into the ground.  Well, I find myself not complaining about it anymore - it's actually a nice sound to me - it tells me that some men are at work and that there is still something going on out there!  : ) always, I've written things down as they come to me so I can share them with you and I have a few today.  

As you know, I'm trying to keep my brain occupied during this time and last week was rather fun.  I took our microscope and looked at a lot of slides.  Since we're thinking of gardens at this time of year, I looked at slides that were botanical in nature and with my notebook wrote notes and drew what each looked like.  Things such as - Dandelion fuzz, Tulip pollen, Fern spore, and Lily pollen.  I could look at slides all day.  I think it's fascinating!  I have to admit though - pollen isn't very exciting - all pollen looks like is a bunch of dots!  LOL  I can see how it can definitely be a problem with allergies.  But the others are SO intricate especially when you look at them through different powers (40x, 10x, 4x).  I'm really looking forward to making my own slides of what I find outdoors and recording it in my notebook.  

The other thing I did was last week (I think it was last Tuesday) the weather was SO beautiful and mild in the evening, we took the telescope out to look at the full moon and the vivid constellations out in our backyard.  The moon was awesome but I especially enjoy looking at the smaller planets and stars because living here where there is light all over the place and you really can't see a lot, through a telescope all of a sudden there are myriads of stars all over the place that you can't see with the naked eye!!!!!  All I found myself saying is "the heavens declare your Glory" over and over again.  If someone doesn't believe in God, all they need to do is go outside - He has left his fingerprints in the beauty of nature and in the vastness of the sky.  And all for us to enjoy!!!!!  Wonderful.  : )

On Saturday, which was a rather beautiful day between snows, I went behind our garage to get some things out and clean things up a bit and I found three mums that I just took back there from the Autumn and must have forgotten about them.  They were all nicely dried and had tons of seeds on them so I took them to our patio table and began to pull off all the seed heads and stored them in jars to sprinkle around and see what comes up.  I LOVE collecting seeds in the Autumn.  I have 3 bags full of seeds that I can't wait to plant (especially the Marigolds).  I did that last year along a portion of fence and it was just full of yellow and orange Marigolds - what a money saver that is!  I'm also looking forward to dividing plants this year which is a money-saver as well.  Now that we have the front tree out, our front yard is much sunnier and the hostas won't do as well, so I'll have to relocate them to our shadier backyard.  These little projects are fun for me.  I'm a detail person who can work in one little area for a long time until I see it to completion.  I like re-working areas in different ways until something works.  Now we just need it to be warm again and no more snow storms!

The other thing I've been doing as far as gardening goes is to watch P. Allen Smith on YouTube - streaming it on our television, and taking notes in my garden notebook.  It's like taking an on-line class.  He is one of my favorites.  He has a myriad of topics in which to choose from and I've been learning a lot.  I'm not a natural in the garden and feel I need all the help I can get so it's been rather fun to pour a cup of tea, determine what a good time to sit and listen and write will be, and learn!  : ) 

In the evenings I'm re-watching "When Calls the Heart" (surprise, surprise), but this time I'm focusing on dress.  Seriously.  I want every single dress they wear!!!!!!!  Everything is form fitted and I love period costume so I find myself studying the dresses.  They are gorgeous.  I would love it if we all wore clothes like that (not going to happen - I know).  So, today I took a top that hangs kind of loose on me, put it on the dress form and am trying to reshape it using darts.  I have them hand-stitched and now I need to take it to the machine.  We'll see what happens - but one can do a lot with darts in form-fitting our clothes.  This kind of stuff is fun for me!  : )

I think that's about it for today.  Here are a few photos from our home to yours - just some common things but thought it would be fun to share:

My husband put this puzzle together and framed it so I brought it up to our dining room to look at while eating.  Seriously - don't you just want to jump into that picture and live in that farmhouse?  Look at the tidy garden.  Makes me homesick.

I found this book at a thrift store a long time ago so I'm using this for placements of darts.

This is the top I'm working on - it's through the back - we'll see what happens!

There.  Thank you for dropping by.  How are YOU staying busy these days?  God bless.  : )

Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday

This was part of our day yesterday.

Thankfully, it is already different today.  The sun is out and it will be a bit warmer.  : )

I hope all of you will pause today and remember what our Lord Jesus did on the cross - because "God so loved the world" - what an amazing love!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I say this often, but if you haven't received Christ as your personal Savior, let this be the day.  And then, on Sunday, you can rejoice in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and He lives!  : )

This is a VERY different Easter season than we've ever experienced before, but the Easter message is STILL the same.  Christ died, Christ rose, Christ will come again.  Are we all ready for His return?  May THIS unusual time in the world bring you to The One who will one day come and bring all those who believe IN Him TO Him.  Let the Easter message bring you "Blessed Assurance" - that you may say "Jesus is mine" - because He gave it all even unto death so that you might believe and be saved.

He has risen indeed!  : )

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Little blue bells in the forest up north.  : )

Well, I'm not so sure asking the question "how are all of you doing?" is appropriate right now considering the fact that when I'm asked that question it depends on the time of day - because I can feel sad and down at one moment and then okay and busy the next.  So, I will just say that I hope you are well and staying safe at home.

I was reminded this morning that learning history is of upmost importance.  Without knowing history, we forget what this world has gone through in the past.  We forget what lessons we were supposed to learn.  And we forget that we got through it - never without casualties - but we DO get through trying times.  For instance, did you know that in the 1700's there was a cholera outbreak?  Here is the definition of cholera:

*An acute, often fatal, infectious epidemic disease caused by a microorganism...............

And, do you know what the doctors in the 1700's told people?

*stay at home
*don't socialize with anyone
*wash your hands
*still continue to pray

The first three is what we're all experiencing right now!  I'm not so sure the doctors are telling people to continue to pray however.  Maybe some are!  I hope so.  And I hope you are.  But THIS is why knowing our history is so important.  Generations of people before us have gone through really difficult things, but I thought it was so interesting that the "prescription" for this is the same as the cholera outbreak.  So let's keep with what we're mandated to do right now.

I'm continuing to homeschool myself and bringing my notebook out to jot a few things down (for some reason the math book hasn't seen the light of day yet).  ; )

*We had a tree cut down a couple of weeks ago and I thought that would be a good place to start.  What I did learn was actually very interesting - it's not supposed to be a "city" tree but a tree out in the country, the cows eat the pods that fall from it, and way back when they used the wood for railroad ties and farm implements.  More than YOU wanted to know - I understand.

*Next, I went through from 1900 to the present day and wrote down the fashions through the century - the changes that happened and wrote all that down.  Kind of sad how women went from being very modest and elegant and feminine to, well............

*I'm beginning all those definitions that I wrote down from my books - I actually love learning the meanings of words - that's why Latin is interesting to me.

But that's it so far as to my homeschool experience.   : )  I'll just keep going!!

I guess that's about it for today.  Not much but wanted to try and encourage you to begin your own learning (or keep going with it if you've started).   We have so many ways to learn at our fingertips so it really isn't that difficult.

I would also encourage you to keep thinking of others.  I think I'm a bit surprised at how little people are keeping in touch instead of by how much.  I think the loneliness, sadness, and depression with this is working the opposite of what we thought it might be especially in an age where we can "talk" to or "be with" whoever we want whether it's by phone, internet, or mail.  For me it's the not being able to physically be with others that's getting to me.   I miss our son and "daughter" terribly.  But, remembering that we are not the first to go through this and while we're going through this we have SO much that can carry us through!

I hope you will try to have the best day possible as well as a good, safe, and healthy upcoming week.  God bless.  : )

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April To-Do's and Tea Party Idea

The next Rooster on our kitchen calendar for April.

Well.  Here we are.  April!  And we are to "distance" for another 30 days.  I can get really sad about that, but I have to be honest too - I'm willing to do what it takes to not get sick.  And I hope you will as well.  This is hard but we can do it so let's get busy with our April to-do's and even set up the tea table (for ourselves).  Here is the list (and it's a long one thank goodness!):

*inspect and adjust your window hardware especially if you have older windows
*tune up your lawnmower and clean it up if you didn't when putting it away in the Fall - fill your gas can up with gas
*prune appropriate trees/shrubs
*rake up the winter debris
*repair any walkway/driveway cracks
*store some of the heavy duty winter clothes and freshen up/wash/iron/Spring clothes
*remove storm windows and put the screens on - again, if you have older windows - and also begin cleaning windows!
*clean out the garage - take things out and sort through what you have and clean shelves and organize 
*put your garden furniture out - right now with the more mild temps that can be a blessing just to go out and sit!
*bring the garden hoses out - if you know that you won't have any more hard frosts
*clean the BBQ grill
*clean out any birdbaths/feeders
*start preparing your garden beds
*assess any Summer clothing needs
*plan Easter - I know this is difficult this year, but we have to celebrate our Risen Lord!!!!!!

My Easter menu is:
*Crockpot glazed ham
*Sweet potato casserole
*Green beans with bacon and caramelized onions
*Dinner rolls
*Fresh fruit
*Layered pudding dessert

Our plan (as of now), is to take some of this over to our son and his wife, hurry home where we can all "sit together" via face time and eat together.  Of course, nowadays plans change but I'll still make the above menu.  : )

Now for the April tea party idea.  Let's keep our home doings as festive as we can - it's okay to pamper yourself with this:

*Decorate with dyed eggs (or your plastic ones!) and ribbons of different Spring colors
*Serve your favorite tea in the prettiest teacup you have
*Serve pastel cupcakes with buttercream icing, sugar cookies with pastel buttercream icing, and fruit kabobs
*Play piano music in the background

Since this will be for yourself, choose a favorite magazine or book and sit by a window to look out of just like you would at a tearoom or coffee shop - or if you are experiencing nice warm weather, set up a little table outdoors!  When I do this, I will try to take photos of what I did.  : )

Yesterday when I heard about the 30 more days thing, I thought "okay, how can I turn this month into something positive (I mean, there's only so much cleaning we can do - although the above list will take a bit of time).  So I also remembered that it takes 30 days to develop a habit.  Well I worked on a notebook today that not only holds my household information and to-do's but I turned it into a "homeschool" notebook as well.  

I sat down and wrote down all the things that I'm interested in along with all the things that I could learn about in the next 30 days.  Things like:

*math (my weakness)
*reading about the history of clothing through the years
*working on sewing projects that I've been putting off
*learning about costume design and fashion
*using up fabric for quilt blocks and reading about the history of quilt design
*looking up famous artwork and the artists behind them
*take my sketch books outside and sketch again
*work on the crafts that I do have all the supplies for such as card-making, etc.
*listening to compositions and looking up the composers 
*look up all those words that I write down when reading for their definitions - they are kind of piling up on me!  : )
*look up biographies of my favorite authors
*try learning a new language - Spanish, Latin, Sign language
*when outdoors, collect things to look at under the microscope (that we've had since homeschooling years ago!) and make sketches of what they look like
*we collect rocks around here so I want to look them up and actually label them (using our field guides)
*taking our telescope outdoors at night and finding the constellations and looking at the moon
*learning more about the different plants we already have and what we plan to have

I'm pretty sure that should keep me busy this month!!!!!  : )  What kinds of things can you think of now that we're home that you might have the desire and time to learn and do?

There.  I think that's it for today.  I hope I have given you some ideas and maybe have motivated you in some way.  The time is going to pass anyway, so why not use it to keep our bodies and minds active?

Thank you SO much for dropping by because you know I appreciate it and I appreciate you!  God bless the rest of your week!!!!  : )