Saturday, September 14, 2019

Taking the Autumn Box Out

The Autumn Box of goodies just waiting to be decorated with.  : )

We've all heard of comfort food - well, seasonal decorating is my comfort too.  There is something so satisfying about pulling a box of decorations out and giving myself the challenge of arranging this "mess" into something pretty.  For me, it takes a whole morning to do this because I put something somewhere and then change it around to someplace else and then maybe change it again until I'm okay with it.  I love it though and it is, indeed, comforting.  It feels old-fashioned and cozy and homey.  I just couldn't wait any longer!  : )  

I wish I had more photos to show you, but the photos I did take mostly turned out too dark so I'll only show a couple:

By the front door - pretty simple.  The cute little guy in the photo is my husband (little Eddie).  : )

Again, very simple.

I'll have to try to take more photos - not that my decorations were anything close to inspired or magnificent, I think it's fun to look into someone's home and see what they do.  If you have any seasonal decorations that you would like to share, I'd love to see them!!!  : )

In caring for what our homes look like, I encourage you (once again) to go outside and look at your home with eyes for details.  I posted briefly about this before, but it came to mind again while my husband and I were out driving around.  We like to go through neighborhoods to see how others take care of their homes or decorate or garden ideas.  And I noticed that a few people don't realize that how they decorate inside makes a difference as to how it looks outside.

For instance, while driving by a house that had a beautiful bay window, I noticed that they had a lot of picture frames lined up on a table in front of the window.  The pictures probably look very nice when you're sitting inside but all I could see was the backs of all these frames (which aren't pretty) and the store labels were still on.  Now I know this sounds very nit-picky but I think curb appeal in a home is important - what people see when they drive by - what captures their attention.  What may have helped is for some light-weight curtains to conceal the backs of the pictures?

Another thing I notice quite often is off-kilter mini-blinds.  Some of them are so off - way down on one side, and up on the other side - on an angle instead of pulled straight across.  Just looking at things like this can really help the beauty of your home because none of us have to live in fancy houses with perfect landscaping.  Just looking around to see what might be "off" and keeping things neat and tidy goes a long way!  

If I sound a little OCD on this, I never mean to sound offensive or act like a perfectionist - I just know that we would all feel a little better about our own environments if we just took the time to care about the little things because the little things add up to the big things.  If you drove past our house, you would see bushes that need to be shaped and a walkway that needs to be replaced, so I get it!  : )

We have been getting SO much rain lately that time has been spent indoors.  Yesterday was a huge project of getting things out of a certain area downstairs to make into my husband's "office" area.  I was able to go through (and get rid of) a lot of things once again.  One of my favorite things to do!!

Right now looks sunshine-y so we'll need to go outdoors and clean up the yard - lots of leaves and branches fell from the wind and rain.  Also a good morning for a walk!!  : )

That's about it for today.  Thank you so much for dropping by.  If you can (or want to), please let me know what you do to prepare for Autumn.  : )  God bless.


  1. Oh, I love fall decorations. We used to have a lot before we moved but then couldn't take them with us due to space. I just really love autumn--it's my favorite season. Your decorations turned out very nice!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting!!! I love the fall decorations too - it really is fun to take them out of the box and put them around in various places. I've been trying to pick up as many leaves outdoors that I can find and am pressing them. Putting a simmering pot of oranges and cinnamon on the stove for good smells in the's a fun time of the year! Have a wonderful day. : ) Mary S.

  3. Love your decor! And I so agree with you about how things look to other people - my pet peeve is shampoo bottles on bathroom ledges - looks awful! Or junk and boxes pressed up against garage windows. I have to be careful about my cellular shades - when I pull them down I make sure they end at a certain place, and when they are up I make sure they are straight, but my family isn't as careful. You aren't OCD about that at all.

    Awhile ago I took a walk in what used to be a luxury neighborhood - homes are over $600k, 3 car garages - and I was shocked. While many of the homes still look in pretty good condition (funny that the newest homes look the worst paint-wise), I was surprised to see that just about every single home needed to throw away TRASH on the side of their homes, or clean up in general on the sides or front of their homes. From outright trash and old or broken rakes, old buckets, gravel piles, and dead leaves, to discarded furniture, faded plastic items, and old toys. I do believe that when one house starts to go downhill people get used to seeing trash and it spreads. And when one house does a major spruce-up job, that spreads, too!

    1. It literally costs next to nothing to clean up and tidy up. I feel our homes say a lot about the people who live there. It doesn't have to be perfect, but when we live there we should want it to be half way decent. I agree with Edith Schaeffer when she says that Christians should especially be mindful of our homes and keep them up and be good neighbors in that respect.