Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sunday Evening

This photo was from last month - they're all done blooming now.  : (

The flowers are slowly fading now as we get closer to the Autumn months.   Lots of things looking quite spindly.  I need to pot the lavender and rosemary to bring into the house and I cut a lot of basil to root so that I can stick them into pots as well.  I have a HUGE geranium that I HAVE to figure out where I can winter it because it's way to full and beautiful to just let it die down.  I need to make new notes in my garden journal because there are quite a few things that didn't work this year and there are a lot of things I need to split and re-plant in the Spring and if I don't write it all down I know I will forget.

But that's the joy of homemaking isn't it?  To me it's never stagnant.  Beginning yesterday afternoon, I'm bringing my sewing/craft area up to the little bedroom upstairs.  I have the perfect little corner for it and my husband is very surprised at how I'm making it work.  It has forced me to go through things again and organize them.  I tried having this sewing/craft area downstairs for a couple of years now and I found that I just didn't like it.  I felt TOO away from everything.  Having just a basement window to look out of isn't pleasant (especially in the winter when it gets covered by snow anyway).  Upstairs I have windows all around so it's brighter and more motivating.  It ALWAYS amazes me how much room we think we need when we really don't and each time it brings more contentment rather than feeling like I'm missing out on something or don't have enough.  What a blessing.  : )

It's been a good day today.  Such a good sermon at church - the kind that makes you really think (the truth of God's word does that - or it should).  I'm constantly amazed how the Lord provides - a timely sermon, gathering with friends when we need the fellowship, a meaningful e-mail asking me to do something that I love to do, a good book to read that hits me right between the eyes (in a good way).  None of these things were by chance - when you walk with the Lord, He provides.  There is no more wonderful feeling as that.

I feel that lately the Lord is teaching me through some challenging things.  I've always loved the saying "Obedience precedes blessing" and during this difficult pruning process (which hurts) I'm learning that if I can get through it and stay focused on Christ, He truly does bless.   And it is true that God provides you with what you need TO get through it!  There might be days, weeks, months where you feel alone and that God isn't hearing your prayers.  But be assured that He is.  Sometimes the silence IS the answer.  It's not that He's not there anymore, He just wants you to see that we should lean into Him for what we need and stop trying to find it in other places or people.

When I've gotten through one thing, I find that there follows a time of peace and refreshment again.  A moving on and moving ahead.  It's not to say that the life lessons are done, but it's that He gives us just a little more strength to do the next thing.  And when that next thing is over, a time of testing comes again to prepare us for what's next - and so on.  Just like homemaking is not stagnant for me, my spiritual walk is never stagnant.  And that's a good thing.  We just can't be the same person we were - whether that's last year or last month!  It would be a terrible thing if we couldn't get out of our high school years when we're already 60 years old.  There should be some maturity and change taking place.

So, I encourage you this week to listen to the lessons the Lord is trying to teach.  He is our Heavenly Father and sometimes the lessons can be difficult, but hang in there.  He's loves us SO much that He doesn't want us to stay stagnant.  He wants us to be vibrant Christians who are willing to learn and grow and then do something meaningful.  Whether that's taking care of your family and your home, or volunteering, or doing charitable work, or giving your service within your church - He will give you what you need to carry it out.  : )

Have a good Labor Day tomorrow!!!!


  1. I haven't heard the saying "Obedience precedes blessing," but I'm always pointing out to my son when we read the Bible to notice that the person had to ACT before their prayers were answered. Naaman had to dip 7 times before he was healed, Abraham had to set out and walk before he knew where he was to settle, Jacob had to go and meet Esau before he knew all would be well, etcetera. We don't always have answers before action, even though that's how we'd prefer it to be. Preparation is great, but ACTION is key.

    I also love it when I'm reading a book, and then I put it down for a month or two and when I pick it up again it is always exactly what I needed to hear at that time. Had I read the book straight through, it wouldn't have meant as much.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Janine. Yes, the Bible is FULL of examples of how we should be and that's why it's SO important to read the Bible daily! : ) Happy Sabbath!!!! Mary