Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday Morning

I love that out of all the green, there is one flower.  : )

I guess there is really nothing too outstanding to post about this morning.  It's been a pretty average week.  It's cloudy right now with a chance of showers off and on (which, again, we need).  This time of year in the outdoors, it's pretty much just maintenance.  We're enjoying all the flowers in bloom.  I continue to write in my garden journal about what worked and what didn't and what to do in the Spring (Lord willing).  Things such as digging out some plants and putting them somewhere else because they are just too close to other plants.  There are some flowers that I'm really disappointed in.  When we bought them they were very showy, but now no blooms whatsoever and quite spindly. 

I've been baking a little - we especially had a couple of cool mornings where the windows could be wide open and that's when I like to take advantage of baking time.  The birthday cake earlier in the week, a loaf of bread mid-week, and cookies yesterday.  Hope you can take the time today to bake something for family or friends today!  

I continue to crochet "quilt" squares for the "quilt to give".  I heard about this idea on "Sewing with Nancy" where she used to have women on at the end of her sewing show telling everyone about any charitable giving ideas and this was one of them.  Of course she meant a "real" quilt made out of fabric, but I came up with the idea of crocheting (because I'm not a very good knitter) quilt squares in different colors and then put them together to look like a quilt.  Then, when finished, you give the quilt away to someone in need (women's shelter, nursing home, children's hospital, etc.).  

I bought fabric on-line for the very first time and it came early in the week.  I bought broadcloth for a blouse, medium-weight jersey for a dress, and lightweight denim for a skirt.  It's all laundered and pressed, the table is set up for cutting out the pieces and now I just have to get to it!  I have to admit that I am not a very good seamstress, but I SO want to be.  And I know that in order to be better I have to actually do it.  So I'm going to give it my best try.  I am going to take my time in this - measure twice, cut once.  Baste everything together first, then try it on.  Tweak it, baste it again, try it on again.  Until I get it right.

The reason I bought on-line was that it gives the definition of each fabric and what it is used for and because I don't know a lot about the different fabrics (and fabrics have changed over the years) I need that information.  When I walk into a fabric store I always get so overwhelmed by all the selections and I know that in the past I have bought fabric simply because I liked it but it was definitely wrong for the pattern selection and then just tossed the whole thing aside in frustration and used the fabric for other projects instead.  So.............hopefully, this time, I will get it right!!!

That's about it outside of the normal cooking and cleaning part of homemaking.  But they are just the extra curricular things that a homemaker can add to her day to bring some balance.  There has to be other things in our lives to enjoy and have fun with.  I hope you can find those things in your day as well.  Is there something that you used to enjoy doing?  Maybe you can try it again.  Or, is there something that you always wanted to try?  Maybe today can be the day.  It's what makes life interesting - you never know until you try.  : )

Thank you for dropping by.   God bless.


  1. Dear Mary,
    I hope your sewing will turn out just as you hope. That is a skill I envy, and I have such regret that I never learned. My Aunt, who was a wonderful seamstress tried to teach me when I was younger, but I was too busy being a teenager!
    I am glad you are enjoying your garden. As I think I have mentioned, our flowers have just about had it. The rains have been too heavy and consistant, and because of all the wet weather, I now have green fly to deal with. It's been a strange summer indeed.
    Have a lovely Sunday..

    1. Hi Christine! I hope it will turn out too!!!! LOL : ) I used to be better at it - I sewed quite a bit in high school. I'm still sewing on the same machine one of my brothers bought me in 1975. You just can't find a hefty machine anymore - they're all plastic now. I'm sorry about your gardens. It really has been a different year for growing. Some things around here have thrived and others have not. Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful Sunday as well. : ) Mary