Sunday, August 11, 2019

Good Sunday Afternoon

The Badlands of South Dakota - one of our favorite vacation destinations.  : )

A good Sabbath to all of you.  I didn't post last Sunday because our church had their yearly BBQ and lake baptisms.  What a special time together that is.  Young and old (and everything in between!).  : )

This Sunday we left church with enthusiasm and motivation in our hearts.  Such a good sermon on how God cares what we do and what we pursue and what we spend our time on.  He put the love for beauty into us and He loves it when we create things of beauty - in song, in crafting, in sewing, in reading, in gardening, in cooking/baking, in what we go out to see (like the Badlands above).  And we cannot do any of this if we are constantly sitting in front of the television, or our computers (I'm getting off as soon as I'm done with this! LOL), or in front of our goofy phones!  The time wasted in our lives is unbelievable.

While pastor was talking I thought a lot about homeschooling and how we did everything he was talking about - reading GOOD literature, discerning about what movies came into our home, went on lots of field trips, studied things that were of interest to us (birds, photography, art, astronomy, etc.).  We sketched and drew a lot.  We kept journals.  We watched the changes of the seasons.  And to this day, our son is still interested in all of that (and fortunately his wife is too because she, too, was homeschooled).  If you don't know by now, I'm definitely a proponent of homeschooling!!!!!  : )

But, even after that, my husband and I (being empty-nesters now) have to carry that on ourselves.  God truly wants us to get as much out of this life as we can and every day that passes by without some kind of creativity, some kind of filling our minds with what is good and moral and right, some kind of carrying out of using the gifts and talents our Lord has given, some kind of learning new things that just might be what we needed and without at least trying we would have never known, is a life being wasted.

I know that for some of us, there are definite physical limitations, but there is ALWAYS something we can do.  I know I've posted about this kind of thing over and over again, but it's SO important for a life well lived.  A few of us were standing around talking after service and we were saying that we have to tell pastor that his sermon definitely was motivating us because we were talking about quite a few ideas.  I believe it's that kind of enthusiasm, when prompted, is from God.  I really don't think He wants us to sit around all day playing "poor me" (and believe me, I have done this from time to time!) - He wants us to get up and get going!  If being joyful is what you aim for, there is nothing like getting up and out of yourself.  

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...............yesterday my husband and I went to the State Fair grounds and entered one of my penny rugs into the State Fair creative arts exhibits!!!  This is a first for me and I have to tell you that I'm a little excited about it.  : )   Growing up I used to be in 4-H and exhibited different things (I really can't even remember what they were but it was so fun!).  I was even talking to an elderly lady at church asking her if she had any creative activities/hobbies that she liked to do and she, too, was going to enter something at the State Fair!  I have to admit that standing in line yesterday with all these ladies who were holding on to the things they were going to enter was so much fun.  It felt so small-town.  You could tell they were all so proud of what they created and worked so hard on to prepare for this fair.

I think things like this keep us young and mobile and sharp.  I have a friend where we talk about this kind of thing once in a while.  She and I both go through times of where we'll be working on something and then something gets into our minds (I think it's the devil) and tells us that we're just wasting our time and it's of no use to anyone so why do it.  And I have to encourage you to not give into that lie!!!!!!  I have another friend that God gave the talent of painting and she does it beautifully and I have never heard her once say that she doesn't know why she's doing it.  She says time and time again that it's a gift of talent to her from God and that's where the joy of it all lies.  

We aren't robots.  We were created with minds that need/should be used every day, all day.  Yes, of course, rest when needed, but think and do!!!!!  Pray about it - ask God for Him to reveal to you what it is.  None of us are naturals at everything, but if you want to learn to paint, try it.  Go to classes to learn the basics.  Same with drawing.  Same with learning to play an instrument.  But go for it!!!!  Let today (or tomorrow depending where in the world you are reading this from) be the day.  Turn off the technology and do something.  Let's motivate and encourage each other in this.  God bless!!  : )


  1. I don't know what a penny rug is. You'll have to post a picture! Good for you for entering. I know that I struggled with giving creativity time, as well. But I agree with you that it is good for us. I think the only time it isn't good is when we use it to keep us from doing chores that need doing.

    That is so wonderful that your son married a homeschooled woman! I'm hoping the same for my son. I want my grandbabies homeschooled! : )

    1. Well, I'm secretly wishing for a ribbon of some kind (assuming a lot, I know) so when we go to the Fair next week, I'll take a picture (even if there is no ribbon - LOL). : )

      And, yes, our son and his wife were in the same homeschool group so that's how they met and the rest is history! (and I, too, want the grandchildren homeschooled!)