Saturday, August 3, 2019

First Saturday In August

The August picture on our calendar.  Again, I just want to jump into the picture - talk to the man in the little buggy, walk down that dirt road, visit the homemaker in the farmhouse..........  : )

It has been a good week.  Almost every day was busy with things that I've wanted to do, have been putting off, and just needed to get done.  There WAS one day that seemed where I was just spinning my wheels and really nothing got done at all but it was one day so all was not lost.  : )  I always try to give God the glory for my days because I DO pray about these things - strength, energy, and motivation - and He does provide.  When I don't feel those things I think it's either because my lazy self kicks in and tend not to do anything, or sometimes I just need a little time to not do anything in order to feel better.  So I am thankful no matter what.  : )

I'm getting back to organization lately and realize the importance of organization in the home.  Here is a book that I've had for years and it's what really got me started on the road to improving in this area:

I haven't looked on-line to see if this in print anymore, but my mother-in-law bought this for me back in 1991 and I take it off the shelf quite often for some motivation and inspiration.  This book is what got me started to organize my kitchen.  Ever since I've organized the kitchen, it hasn't changed since because it works.  Things such as:

*designating a baking station - I can get in and out of the kitchen in about an hour (depending upon what I'm baking) because of being organized.  All my ingredients, bowls, measuring cups/spoons, mixer.........are all in one spot and within reach and in no time I can bake something and clean up in no time at all!
*designating a food prep area - cutting board, knives, bowls - all next to the sink for ease of cleaning fruits/vegetables, chopping........
*designating a cooking area next to the stove - all the spices, spoons for stirring, pans..........

You get the point.  It is one of the things that has made me love my kitchen.  Before I did this I was fighting it all the time.  Never remembering where anything was, nothing made sense so I made more steps for myself than necessary.

Another idea from this book that I did right away was storing under things in the bathroom!  Don't have a separate underwear drawer in your bedroom - keep them in the bathroom.  Doesn't that make sense?  I mean, we get out of the shower/bath so the undies are right there to put on!  : )

And, another idea that I use all the time..........don't have a linen closet.  Put the linens in the rooms that you will need them.  Every bedroom should have the sheets and pillowcases in that room - not off in a hallway somewhere in the house.  All the towels/washcloths should be in the bathroom(s) not somewhere else in the house.  All the kitchen linens should be in the kitchen.  Again, you understand what I'm saying.  SO much more efficient.  No time spent looking in a separate closet going through stuff to try and find the right thing for the right room.

It has been amazing that just these little things (and so much more!) have made such a difference in our home.

My next project is to organize my desk space better.  Right now, I haul out all the things that I need for bill-paying to the dining room table instead of using the "desk" I have - so, once again, I have pulled this book out and am going to try some of the ideas and see what I can come up with to make it work.  I love this kind of work - it makes me happy.  : )

A couple of days ago I rearranged our living/dining space once again.  I've done this before and we did like it so I'm not sure why I just didn't keep it this way, but my motivation for change this time was that this Fall we are going to have groups over and I need space to put them.  In the "old" way, our living room was separated from the dining room with a table and chair.  The new way uses both rooms as living space with the dining room table in the center of both.  Maybe you can see:

The dining table is now in the center of both rooms instead of having a separate dining room.

The old dining space is now a space for people to sit in.

This way we can utilize both rooms yet still be able to see and hear each other and because of this we could possibly have up to 14 people in these two rooms without feeling too crowded!  : )  I love thinking about things like this and trying to carry the plans out - I especially like it when it actually works out!!!  My husband doesn't mind because I do all the work myself so he just sits back and watches to see if it works or not (because if it doesn't work, I'm the one who has to put it all back to the way it was!).  Whew!  : o

Lastly, while I was moving things around, I was thinking about other people's homes and how I love to see how their homes tell us what they do, what they read, what things they have around them are important to them.  I encourage you to do this as well.  Keep things out that you're working on.  Keep books out that you're reading.  Make it YOUR home first, and then others will feel comfortable too.  I, personally, like to be organized and somewhat clean, but I also like it to be comfortable.  I've mentioned this in past posts, but there is no better compliment than to have someone curl up on my couch and take the blanket that I have to cover up with.  Or pick up a book or magazine and start looking through it, or going into the kitchen by themselves to get a another cup of coffee.  Actions like those mean that the person visiting is totally comfortable and relaxed and that is the best feeling for me. 

So I encourage you to keep your home clean and organized, but comfortable and inviting as well.  Scuffed up floors are good (as a matter of fact, I wouldn't have new floors if you paid me - LOL), well-worn furniture is great (it's more comfortable that way).  Keep what you're working on out in the open for you!  It's okay if someone drops by and you're embroidery or knitting or whatever is out - it's your home and you should be working on something enjoyable!  : )  Keep the books you're reading out so that you can sit down at any given time and pick up where you left off.  If someone drops in it's okay if your book is on the chair!  It can be moved.  Your home is your home and it shouldn't look like a stuffy showroom where everything is perfect.

I hope you have fun in your home today - even if it's just for you - give it your personality and others will be comfortable in it too.  Whatever this day holds - cleaning, organizing, baking, crafting, sewing, gardening.........give it your special touch.  Enjoy the process.  Don't hurry through it.  It will show.  : )

Thank you for dropping by!!!!  I appreciate all of you.  God bless.


  1. These are nice ideas and helpful as well. I have tried to set up stations in the kitchen before--it is helpful. I'm just not sure if I can do it in our new home due to how the drawers are, but maybe I can rearrange some things.

    1. I know what you mean - sometimes areas of our homes are a bit more challenging!!! I have often tweaked things over the years to get it to actually work. Thank you for commenting and have a wonderful rest of the week. Mary S.

  2. Mary, All the re-arranging of the furniture looks great, and I am sure it will make a difference to your group gatherings.
    I love being organised in the home, and I find it's something that must be regularly implemented time and again.
    My home is fairly organised, but there's always room for improvement, isn't there?


    1. Hi Christine! ALWAYS room for improvement is true!!! And, you're right - it's a regular implementation. Thanks for commenting!! : ) God bless. Mary

  3. I so agree with having a home that looks lived in. I dislike sterile front rooms that no one uses. I agree with leaving out your projects and books. My floors badly need refinishing, but it would be too difficult to move things and leave for a weekend - and what would we do with the cats? Plus, you know that after the floor is done, a cat will throw up on it and ruin the finish : )

    I have a linen closet, but I also do as you suggest. My son's sheets are all in a dresser drawer. Our extra summer sheets are in our closet now, but the winter ones are in the linen closet. I have bedspreads for each season (I know, I'm crazy! But I like the different looks and how it makes the room feel) and they are stored in special bags in our catch-all room. The towels are in the bathroom and kitchen, but the beach towels are in the linen closet. I have table runners and placemats for each month, so they are all stored in the linen closet as well. Along with a bunch of other tablecloths that I rarely use! I'm constantly cleaning out the linen closet because I just LOVE towels and linens. Every time I go shopping at a seasonal boutique I come home with hand towels! Oh, and we keep our soda in the linen closet, too, so we drink less. Out of sight, out of mind, and it isn't cold : )

  4. Yes, a comfy and cozy home that is lived in looks so nice to me. And you are VERY organized with all your linens - I love linens too, it's just something that I don't buy until I need them. I like the idea of having seasonal linens - that's always been a dream to me, but have never carried it through. Thank you, Janine, for commenting!!!!! : )