Sunday, July 7, 2019

Good Sunday Morning To You!

One of my favorites photos.   I love the clouds and rays of sun and the beautiful blue sky above it.

I thought I would pop in to see how all of you are doing and to say "hi".  : )  

Well, we have our major Summer holiday behind us - seriously can't believe THAT!  I had a very nice birthday on the 3rd this year with several e-mail greetings, flowers delivered, cards in the mail, a couple of phone calls with the birthday song sung to me, and our son and daughter-in-law with us in the evening.  In our area, the community right across the freeway has their fireworks display on the 3rd instead of the 4th so we found a new spot this year and we had it all to ourselves in which to view them.  It was kind of fun to "oooh" and "aaah" all by ourselves.  : )  We have it planned (Lord willing) to go there again next year (hoping no one else will think about this spot) but now we will bring chairs and snacks and be there a little earlier just to enjoy the evening.

I will still be on a blog break this week.  It will be a week of getting ready for a family birthday party with my side of the family coming over this way from out of state to celebrate.  We have three "big" birthdays - an 80th, a 30th, and 60th.  So I am very much looking forward to having everyone here.  

Yesterday I divided a piece of paper into days of the week and every single day has something to do in order to get ready (I'm just that kind of person).  : )  Everything from what food needs to be bought yet, to plugging certain things in to be ready, to what rooms need to be cleaned for those who will be staying with us, to what I need to cook and bake, to when to set things up, etc.............   For some this kind of thing is stressful, but for me I really do try to put myself in everyone's shoes and think about what would make their day.  What would please them.  How can I make them comfortable.  What would they enjoy eating.  What games can everyone play.  Hopefully I will remember to take a lot of photos so that I can share them with you next week.  : )  I love taking care of people and I love hospitality.

All of these things will have to be covered in prayer - from all plans to go well, to the safety of those who are arriving, even down to the weather and thinking of not-so-good weather plans!  I believe our Lord wants us to enjoy these times and I believe He's interested in the outcomes.  : )

So, until we meet again........I hope you can enjoy this upcoming week and that you, too, remember to daily lift your burdens, concerns, hopes, and plans up to the Lord as He directs your steps in it all.

God bless.

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