Saturday, March 16, 2019

Making Your Home What You Want It To Be

The Christmas Cactus (or Easter Cactus?) has lots of blooms on it right now.  SO needed as we continue to look out at snow!!!!  : )

It's been an interesting week as far as weather goes.  I know.  I talk a LOT about our weather, but seriously - with all the snow and ice we've had, what we DIDN'T need was rain.  And we got a lot of rain. It was going into our basement (along with almost everyone else around here).  My husband worked non-stop from 5:00 a.m. on Thursday morning to 5:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon trying to keep up with the water that was coming in a couple of places.  And this is what we were watching in our backyard:

a lake creeping closer and closer.

Fortunately, the rains did stop and the basement is dry again and the sky is blue and the birds are singing!  : )

I'm slowly doing a little baking for the freezer.  I made my lemon cookies (which I have posted already) but they are so good that they are almost gone already (there is one packet in the freezer though).  I made these:

lemon cupcakes

from this book:

but I didn't really like them so I won't give out the recipe.  : )  They were fine once I pulled out the blueberry freezer jam to spread on them, but they were too dry and not very muffin-y.  So I'll look for another recipe (or if you have a favorite lemon muffin recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd really appreciate it!)

Well, the title to this post is making your home what you want it to be.  One of my favorite quotes from Edith Schaeffer is "......people are always daydreaming of the kind of place in which they would like to live, yet never making the place where they DO live into anything artistically satisfying to them."  Isn't that true of all of us?  Instead of loving the homes we have and making them into our "dream" home, we're always yearning to be someplace else.  

The older I get the more content I become (which I feel is great blessing).  I'm talking about the house we live in.  I'm still not all that thrilled about living in a city environment, but I'm referring to our house.  Our home.  

I LOVE looking at Pinterest ideas and I buy magazines once in a while for decorating ideas, and I have books on home decorating and I can honestly say that looking at those gorgeous homes doesn't make me feel like I'm missing out on anything.  I feel like I can now just look at those pictures and find SOMETHING that maybe I can incorporate into our own home rather than drool and covet!

Think of ALL the things we can do right within the four walls of our own homes.  I think we use the excuse that we don't have the time, money, or skills to do anything, but I beg to differ.

Time - time can always be found.  You may have to plan ahead, but it can be found.  Think of all the time we waste in front of the tv or the computer or the phones.  Yes, there is time.   : )

Money - some things don't require a lot of money.  Again, you may have to plan ahead and save but it can be done.  Think about the money we tend to waste on stuff that we don't need.  Doing for yourself saves money.

Skills - skills are taught!  If you haven't tried to do something you can't say that you can't do it.  Sewing pillows or curtains for your home can be learned.  Trying your hand at painting a picture, or making candles, or making something you have even prettier, can be yours if you take the time to learn.  My mother-in-law was SO good at this.  She would literally look at something in her home and think "how can I make this better" or "how can I make this prettier" and she did it.  She was very frugal but her home expressed who she was and it was always very comfortable.

My friend and I quite often talk about how anyone can learn anything just by looking it up on-line.  Their are tons of tutorials on anything you'd like to know more about - gardening, sewing, crafting, painting, dress making, crocheting, name it, you can do it.

So, my encouragement for you today is to look at your rooms in a different way and if it is not satisfying to you, write down what it is that you don't like and then under that write what you might do to change it and then write down what steps you would have to take in order to accomplish the change!  Do you want to try a new paint color?  Are your pillows looking a little drab?  Do you have a piece of furniture that looks out of place?  Being the woman of your home, you can make it a place that you and everyone else looks forward to coming to and can feel a sense of "I don't need to be anywhere else."  : )

Thank you for your visit - I still appreciate it when you do!!!!!  God bless your day.  : )


  1. Mary, I am so sorry you are having flooding in your basement. That "Lake" in the middle of the yard looks ominous indeed, but I am glad that the rain has now stopped and the basement is drying out.
    I am a whole-hearted believer in making our homes the best we can. It is amazing what a bit ingenuity and intention can achieve. I think we are never too old to learn a new skill that we can apply to making our homes, well, more "homey":-)
    Your muffins look lovely. Even though you were not pleased with their texture, you have at least inspired me to begin to start cooking for my freezer again.
    The Christmas/Easter cactus looks beautiful, by the way.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thank you, Christine!!!! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend too! : )

  3. That's interesting about the recipe from the Gooseberry Patch book. I have quite a few of those books and, more often than not, I am not happy with the results of the recipes. I tend to use them as something to flip through now for inspiration and ideas rather than for the recipes.

    Water in the basement is no fun! I'm glad it's under control now. Those of us who live in the north with lots of weather changes totally understand why we discuss weather so much. LOL!


    1. Hi Sallie - and it's interesting what you said about the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks because I, too, pretty much look at them for ideas as well and haven't tried many of their recipes - but come to think of it, while going through one of the others that I have, I had written "no" above the name of a couple of the recipes. Hmmm.........

      And, yes, the weather always seem to be the topic of the day around here - fortunately we've been experiencing really wonderful weather lately. Thank you for commenting, Sallie! Have a great upcoming week. : ) Mary S.