Saturday, December 8, 2018

Two Baskets to Think About

The centerpiece is a handmade gift from my sister.  : )

I know I have posted before on making Advent baskets to bless someone during the 25 days of December, but during the week I was thinking about a couple more baskets and looked on-line for ideas.

The idea for the first basket came about by thinking of our son and daughter-in-law and how they really don't have time for a Christmas on their own because of the time taken between our family and hers.  It's called a 12 Days of Christmas Basket based on the song "12 Days of Christmas" (obvious, I know).  : )  I thought this would be fun for them because every day from December 25th to January 5th they can go to their own tree and enjoy opening a gift in their own home.  This really takes some thinking though.  I felt I had to take some creative license to make it seem like it made sense for every verse of the song (you will see that I'm having trouble with Day 10!):

Day 1 - Partridge in a pear tree (I'm giving either pears or pear cider)
Day 2 - Two turtle doves (how about Turtle candy and Dove candy?)
Day 3 - Three french hens (maybe Hens and Chicks succulents?)
Day 4 - Four calling birds (a bird ornament)
Day 5 - Five gold rings - ("gold" napkin rings)
Day 6 - Six geese-a-laying - (chocolate eggs)
Day 7 - Seven swans-a-swimming (my mother-in-law gave our son, when he was little, a pair of swans because of an outing we had been on so I think this would be the appropriate time to give them)
Day 8 - Eight maids-a-milking - (hot chocolate mix?)
Day 9 - Nine ladies dancing- (comfy socks with foot cream)  
Day 10 - Ten lords-a-leaping (I'm still thinking about this one - any suggestions?)
Day 11 - Eleven pipers piping - (wind chimes made out of pipe)
Day 12 - Twelve drummers drumming - (a drum of popcorn)

I think this sounds really fun.  If there is someone that came to mind while reading this, I encourage you to put something together for them.   For some, December 26th can be the big holiday let-down because it's all over and I think this is a fun way to extend it or maybe have this BE the big gift for them.  Maybe go light on the other gifts and then present this at the last minute right before they leave?

The other gift basket I was thinking about was a Hostess gift basket.  If you know of anyone who is hosting their family and/or friends this year, a hostess basket for the morning after is wonderful for when they wake up in the morning and don't feel like doing one more thing let alone get breakfast on the table:

First Basket: 

A loaf of sweet bread or muffins
Fresh fruit
A bag of freshly ground coffee beans
Assorted teas w/honey
Pretty napkins

2nd Basket:

Pancake mix (the kind you only need to add water to)
Syrup (either homemade or store-bought)
Fresh fruit
A bag of freshly ground coffee beans
Assorted teas w/honey
Pretty napkins

3rd Basket:

Small boxes of assorted cereal or granola (re-packaged)
Raisins or other dried fruit
Fresh fruit
Assorted teas w/honey
Hot chocolate mix w/marshmallows
Pretty napkins

These baskets would really be a thoughtful thing to do for that person in your life who is doing a LOT of work to make the holidays special for you and others.  Present the gift right before you leave and tell them that you appreciate them and all they do/did.  : )

That's it for today!!!  I hope this gets you to thinking about more ways of thinking of others.  Thank you for dropping by - I DO appreciate your visit.  God bless.


  1. You are so creative! Great ideas.

  2. Thanks, Janine!!!! That "Day 10" one is still baffling me though. LOL

  3. What's great idea! I need the encouragement to think of others right now. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit...found out I'm pregnant with our fourth, which we're thrilled about, but it also means feeling very crummy physically. Couple that with a very painful fall down the steps the night before Thanksgiving (which praise God, I am finally recovered from) and I've been having a very childish pity party for myself for the past two weeks. I needed that inspiration to get outside myself and start thinking of others-thanks!

  4. Congratulations, Meg!!! A new baby!!! : ) But I am sorry that you are not feeling well - when I was pregnant with our son I never felt better so I don't know about being sick during pregnancy. And I'm so sorry about the fall, my goodness kind of one thing after another. I do understand how this could bring you down, but I hope you will begin to feel physically and emotionally better soon. Take care and thank you for commenting. Mary