Saturday, December 15, 2018

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We're kind of getting down to the wire now, aren't we?  At the beginning of December I feel like I have all the time in the world and then all of a sudden the final week is at hand.  I always appreciate last-minute ideas - especially stocking stuffer ideas - so I hope this will help you as well.  : )

I'm not going to go age-by-age - I think the idea alone will tell you whether or not it's for a child or adult (and sometimes it can work for both):

*A favorite magazine
*Drill bits
*Key ring
*Gift cards
*Mini flashlight
*Nails and screws
*Mini boxes of cereal
*Lip gloss/lipstick/chapstick
*Hand warmers
*New pens/pencils
*Beef jerky
*Nail polish
*Small hand lotions
*Hand sanitizers
*Knitting needles and/or crochet hooks
*Packets of seeds
*Scrapbook embellishments
*Votive candles
*Bag of chocolates or other candy
*Book light
*Pencil sharpener
*New toothbrushes
*Sudoku/Word Finds/Crossword Puzzles
*New Christmas ornament
*Hot chocolate packets/bag of coffee/packets of tea
*Crayons/Water colors
*Small diary or journal

Again, it's pretty much just thinking about the person to whom you are giving.  

Yesterday morning was a day of getting out and trying to finish up.  It's funny, because every year the same feeling comes over me when I'm out and about for the last time.  It's a feeling that says "okay, this is it, I'm done, don't do anymore."  My lists were made and we had a budget amount and when that had been satisfied, that feeling of "that's it" comes over me and I'm reminded that I don't have to use Christmas as a time to give everyone their every wish come true!  Even if I could, I'm not sure that would be the right thing to do.  So, now, this upcoming week before Christmas will be the cooking and baking.  It seems like I can't concentrate on that area until the gifts are purchased, wrapped, and under the tree. 

We kind of know what Christmas is going to look like this year so with those plans in mind I can now look through cookbooks and plan and make a couple of old familiars.

I hope you have a good weekend in getting things done and taking care of your home.  Thank you for visiting!!!!  God bless.

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