Saturday, December 1, 2018

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Now that it's December, I feel like the march towards Christmas Day is here!  Around here the decorating is done but there are gifts to be bought and wrapped yet, baking to be done, and a couple of get-together's to plan which always includes menus to think about.  Fortunately these things are satisfying and enjoyable but, for me, I need to constantly remind myself to put Christ in all of it.  

The other day I was reminded of the Bible verse "do everything as unto the Lord" (and I wish I could give you the Book and Chapter right now) and this verse came to me while ironing.  : )   So, I said out loud - "I'm doing the ironing unto the Lord".  And I think that whenever we do ANYTHING (because the verse specifically says EVERYTHING) this Christmas we should quote this verse over and over again.  Are you baking cookies right now?  Do it unto the Lord!  Are you wrapping gifts right now?  Do it unto the Lord!  Are you cleaning your house right now?  Do it unto the Lord!  Are you catching up on the piles of laundry right now?  Do it unto the Lord!  I really believe that this verse isn't just for the spiritual things in our lives like going to church, or singing in the choir, or serving on a committee - I believe this is for the daily things that nobody sees.  If you feel like you are the one that has to pull Christmas off on your own and everyone else is just kind of sitting back and enjoying the fruit of your labors, gather strength, take a deep breath, and do it ALL unto the Lord!

This doesn't mean that you can't delegate some of the work and that it all HAS to be on your shoulders, but with a good attitude and gratefulness and a gentle reminder that if it doesn't all get done and it's not the picture-postcard kind of Christmas, it's still going to be fine because the emphasis will be on Christ.  The work that you do is unto Him.  : )  

The other verse that came into my mind this week is "take every thought captive" and, again, I wish I could remember the Book and Chapter for you.  But I think this is very important too because when we get stressed and feel overwhelmed, our thoughts tend to turn to the not-so-good feelings about it all.  We can get grouchy and tired and feel like throwing in the towel sometimes, but if there are people in our lives who are looking forward to Christmas, we have to take the negative thoughts captive and move forward so that we don't ruin it for them (which, for me, I have done and deeply regret it).  

If it's strength you need, ask the Lord for it.  If it's motivation you need, ask the Lord for it.  If it's ideas you need, ask the Lord for it.  It's SO okay to pray about these things.  He is SO ready to help in what those needs are.  So, in EVERYTHING as unto the Lord, AND take every thought captive!!!!  : )

And, before I end, since it IS December (a new month) here are the December to-do's (I know, we don't need to add more to our to-do's, but this is a short list and most are what we're already doing):

*Bake, make/buy gifts, keep up with the wrapping
*Decorate your house (even if you will be the only one who sees it, I encourage you to decorate)
*Stock up on sand and/or salt for those driveways and walkways
*Have your car serviced (get a good wash, put seasonal oil in it, make sure it's in good order)
*Polish any silver you may use and wash any of your good dishes (again, if it's it just for you, treat yourself during the holidays and use the "good stuff")
*Iron any holiday tablecloths, napkins, etc. and use them!  It makes no sense to have nice things and not use them.  Bring them out and enjoy them.  : )

There.  I think that's it for today.  I encourage you to keep your head up, think of others, pray always, put the Christmas music on, do what needs to be done without complaining, be thankful and grateful, and if you are sad (because we all have sadness this time of year due to all kinds of circumstances) allow it, work through it, and then move forward.  If that's easier said than done, look to Jesus.  Like I've said before - He IS the reason for the season.  Let Him be your motivation.

God bless your day.  


  1. Love it! How appropriate for what I was just thinking of. Wondering if I should go forward with a project or not. I need to set guidelines, and remember that it is not about me. If I go forward with it, it needs to be unto the Lord! Thank you.

    1. Hi Janine - so glad it was timely. : ) It's definitely something that I have to remind myself of. Thank you for commenting! Mary S.

  2. Thank you so much for the reminders .I love you blog and look forward to reading it. You have beautiful pictures also. God bless you and your family, Terry

  3. Thank you SO much for your comment, Terry!!! I really appreciate knowing whether or not what I post is helpful or not. : ) And God bless YOU and YOUR family too!! Mary S.