Wednesday, December 5, 2018

All Is Calm

This evening, I'm sitting in front of the "fire" and watching one of my favorite Christmas movies (The Bishop's Wife) for the 3rd time -

and drinking a mug of homemade hot chocolate -

with a cute little friend -

times like this are precious during the Christmas season.

If you have a favorite book that you read during Christmas, I would love to hear what it is.  And I want to share what I read every year with you:

I don't know if this is in print anymore but I received this book many years ago now and it really helped to change my attitude in how to do things - so many ideas on what to do if you're weary of all the commercialism and want Christmas to be more meaningful.

And......these three books make me cry and a good cry at Christmas (like I've said before) is okay.

sorry this is SO blurry!

And if you're Grace Livingston Hill fans, these are my favorite Christmas setting books -

And, then it seems as if everyone knows about this -

Some books are like old friends.  It's also part of the traditions of Christmas that seem familiar and cozy.  It takes us away from the worries of the world for a moment, and gets us away from technology if even for an hour or two.

And, then............I splurge on a couple of nice magazines (especially those that show any kind of holiday decorating).  How did magazines get SO expensive?

even getting one or two ideas is fun for me.

and this magazine is from 2012 but I save these (one of my favorites is Capper's Farmer) -
anything to do with nostalgia and doing things the "old-fashioned" way has always been of interest to me - something that I want to emulate in our home.

Then lastly, I want to encourage you to send cards (which seems to get more old-fashioned every year).  I don't know if there is any of us who doesn't want to go to the mailbox and pull out a card or letter from someone.  I know I do.  It doesn't have to be expensive - these pretty cards were bought at the Dollar Store (a box of them).  Put a smile on someone's face.  : ) 

I will end my post for the evening so I can go back to the movie and crochet some squares for an afghan I would like to put together and sip my hot chocolate.

Thank you for dropping by and please let me know if you have a favorite Christmas book that you pull out at Christmas!  I wouldn't mind adding to my collection.  God bless.


  1. I seriously think we are kindred spirits, as I love your blog, but also because you have the Peter Marshall book! I bought mine many years ago at a rummage sale and it is a treasure I Pull out every year and display! Merry Christmas, Mary from Sue

  2. How fun is that?! I didn't think anybody knew about this book - I've never looked to see if you can still buy it somewhere. I hope so because it IS so very good and I would recommend it to everyone. And Merry Christmas to you, Sue, my kindred spirit. : ) Mary

  3. Love your fireplace! So pretty. But living in snow, don't you have a "real" one? I sure miss having one. I have an electric one that mimics the look of an old stove in my bedroom. No room in our front room! Miss it so much though. Those books all look great! I'll have to put the Peter Marshall one on my wishlist, and the GL Hill ones as well. I've enjoyed all of her stories that I've read. Never heard of those mags but they look interesting! We just watched the colorized version of It's a Wonderful Life - never saw it in color before and enjoyed it even more. My mom gave me "Christmas with Anne" by LM Montgomery and it is all of her Christmas stories in one book. It was very good. I love LMM's other stories even more than I love Anne! Jane of Lantern Hill is my favorite, and Story Girl, Blue Castle is wonderful, Pat of Silver Bush, and of course the sequels to all her books. Read ALL the LMM books to my son and he loved them too - said it was the best he ever read. My father agreed, too! (For that matter, so did Mark Twain about Anne!)

    1. Hi Janine! Alas, no, we don't have a real fireplace. It has been a dream of mine but I don't think it will happen. So, I'll have to be content with this one. It does have a feature where you can turn on heat but it's definitely not the same as a log on the fire and hear it crackling away! : ) Thank you SO much for your list of Christmas books - being an "Anne" fan, I will have to look these up and see if I can purchase the Christmas one. And I've never heard of the others but will look them up too! Thank you again!!!! Mary

  4. Just pulled out some of our favorite Christmas books, most for younger children, but 2 favorites for older children and adults are by Madeleine L'Engle. Now, I'm not a big fan of hers and dislike most of her books, but we read "Meet the Austins" several years ago and my son and I LOVED it. My neighbor read it to her daughter at the same time, brought it over saying, "Have you read this?" and we said we'd just finished it! It was originally published in 1960 with one less chapter, but we had just found it. In fact, we are going on vacation with my mom and brother in January, and we are taking the book to read aloud to them. There are 2 Christmas books that go with it. They were published in 1984 and 1999, but they are both prequels to Meet the Austins. Book 1 is The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas, an Austin Family Story, good for ages 7 and above; Book 2 is A Full House, An Austin Family Christmas, 11+ because they shelter an unwed pregnant teen over Christmas (their former baby sitter who had moved away). It is truly a story of Christian compassion. These are both short stories, about 40 pages each. Meet the Austins is a book of 216 pgs. But I do not recommend the sequels! They were just awful! The author really left her roots on the sequels and was catering to the 60's and 70's culture. The sequels are ugly, whereas these 3 books are beautiful.

  5. Even at my age, I don't mind reading children's books - a good book is a good book no matter what age we are! : ) Thank you for the suggestion of "Meet the Austins" - I haven't heard of that either so it will be fun to try and locate one. Thanks again for all of your suggestions - it's so fun to see what other people like and suggest! Have a great day, Janine! Mary

  6. "The Christmas Bride" and "The Substitute Guest" are two of my favorite GLHill books. I also like to read "The Prodigal Girl" at Christmas. I just finished that one yesterday.

    So glad to have found you!

  7. Hi Sallie! Thank you for commenting! I think that I have "The Prodigal Girl" - I'm going to have to check on that and I might just have to pull that one off the shelf and re-read it as well. : ) And, I'm SO glad to be found! I enjoy your blog too - all the lovely printables - I can tell that you are a well-organized woman. Have a wonderful day. Mary S.