Saturday, March 17, 2018

Genetic Eating

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I'm part Irish, so when this day rolls around, we always do something in a small way to celebrate.  When our son got married, his now father-in-law said that it was so fun to see that everyone was enjoying themselves at the reception without having alcoholic beverages.  And I wish that everyone could enjoy themselves today without the alcohol.   It seems that St. Patrick's Day has turned into a day of drinking.   Even our newscasts are telling people to make sure they have designated drivers which tells me that they are saying "hey, go out and drink all you want but be safe".  Hmmmm...........  All that alcohol does is make you say and do things that you'll regret the next day.  There is nothing good about it.  

When I say that we celebrate in a small way, all it means is that I'll wear green (so I don't get pinched) and serve an Irish meal.  We don't like the traditional corned beef and cabbage, so I make an Irish Stew and bake my Irish Soda Bread to go with it.  That's pretty much it to our celebrating!!!!  But it's still fun.

Speaking of cooking traditional foods, I went to the doctor yesterday just to consult with him on changes in my health.  I needed a professional opinion about certain things and in our conversation, I told him about our eating habits and how I try to cook from scratch for better nutrition and he told me something that was SO very interesting that when I got home I got to work on looking things up on-line.  He was telling me that we all need to go back to where our ancestors came from to help us with what we should be eating.   Even though we live here in the United States, we all come from another country and what our ancestors ate in those countries are foods that, because of our genetic makeup, would be foods that won't (or would lessen) cause us problems such as food allergies or gastric problems.  Before I begin to eliminate certain foods, I was to consider the following:

For instance, there is a certain people group who don't suffer from peanut allergies because the country of their ancestors grew up eating nuts (where they originated from) for the protein it offered and so their bodies can handle it.  Another example is the Inuit people in Alaska.  They eat a high-fat diet and they have low (or no) disease or certain cancers.  But if we ate that same diet, we would get sick from it.  I love this kind of information!!!!

So, I went on-line and got the information I needed.  My ancestory is German and Irish.  My husband's ancestory is Norwegian, English, and Polish.  I looked up all the traditional foods from these countries and wrote everything down and what amazed me more than anything was the fact that most of the traditional foods were foods that we already cook and eat!  So, could it possibly be that the foods that haven't originated in "our" countries are the foods that might give us problems?  It truly is something to consider.

The foods that my husband and I have in common according to what our ancestors ate are:

*Oats, oat flour, oatmeal
*Fish - cod, salmon, oysters, crab
*Cabbage, sauerkraut
*Pork and beef 
*Barley, spelt
*Vegetables and Fruits (especially berries)

I did notice that Ireland and Germany didn't say anything about milk or milk products such as cheese.  Could that be why milk is beginning to bother me a bit?  Whereas on my husband's side, they did mention milk and yogurt.  Again, this is all so very interesting to me.  Our son has bean allergies - well, in my investigating this, there was no mention of any of our ancestral countries eating beans.  So, could that be why it bothers him?  I also know that the foods back then were not genetically modified as they are now, so even if we do eat what our ancestors ate, I would think that I would need to know that it is organic or not genetically modified.

Again, this is what I'm doing for our family.  It will definitely be an experiment and I'm looking forward to seeing what the results will be.  You would have to decide on your own if you want to take this on and then definitely talk to a doctor about it because if you are on certain medications, even if you can eat certain foods, some of those certain foods could react with the medication.  

Well, that's it for today!  Hope you enjoy this day the Lord has made and be glad in it.  : )

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