Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Please join me in prayer today for the next President and our country:

*Pray for his safety and for his family
*Pray for his health
*Pray for a hedge of protection around him
*Pray for his discernment
*Pray that he will be surrounded by godly men and women to help him
*Pray for peace in our country and around the world
*Pray God's mercy for us as a nation
*Pray for Biblical principles to be upheld
*Pray for healing in our land
*Pray for his new cabinet and that they will make wise decisions
*Pray for integrity
*Pray for protection of our borders
*Pray without ceasing................

Our country, our leaders, our new President, our neighbors, our cities, our States, and our world continues to need the power of prayer.  My hope is that we will ALWAYS cry out to God to restore us and have mercy upon us.  And I hope we will never again become complacent in this.

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